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Tai Chi

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Tai Chi

In this class, students will learn basic fundamental movements of Tai Chi QiGong and learn a Grasp Sparrow's Tail 15 movement form based on the Yang style Cheng Man-chi’ng 37 movement form. Class consists of Tai Chi Qigong movements, Tai Chi Postures and Form practice and standing meditations. This class is suitable for beginners and also those with more experience who want to learn and practice the essential internal aspects of postures and movements. 

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10 am - 11 am


Swanston Community Center
2350 Northrop Ave
Sacramento CA 95825


$40 / month

Tai Chi- Scholarship Assistance Available

The family of our beloved instructor, Diane Currier, has created the "Diane Currier Memorial Fund" to help support the ongoing teaching of Tai Chi in the Mission Oaks Community. Funding is available to help any interested students attend Tai Chi classes. If you would like to enroll, and would like to take advantage of this support, please contact Danny Curtola at 


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Craig Townsend
Craig has been practicing the Cheng Man Ching (CMC) 37 Movement short form for 30+ years. His instructors have been; Jim O’Callahan (student of Martin Inn & Bob Amacker) Brad Louie (student of Prof CMC & Ben Lo), Martin Inn (student of Ai Hsin Chueh, Ben Lo & Mr. Chu), Bob Amacker (student of CMC & Mr. Chu). I emphasize the internal qigong aspects of Tai Chi Chuan as well as the Civil and Martial.


For registration questions, contact Nicole Plumley at (916) 570-2801
For all other questions, contact Brandon Stoakley at (916) 570-2806




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