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Memorial Tree Program

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Memorial Trees

Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District is proud to share its Memorial Tree Planting Program. Planting a tree in a Mission Oaks Park is a wonderful way to honor a loved one and provides a gift to the whole community. Trees that are planted in public parks can be enjoyed by everyone. A memorial tree can be planted for many occasions: in memory of someone who has passed away; in honor of a dedicated service member; to celebrate a birthday, graduation, wedding, retirement, or other occasion. Many work groups give trees instead of flowers for funerals or as memorials.

Where will my tree be planted? 

Memorial Trees will be planted in one of the designated parks that have been selected for this program. These parks include: Ashton Park, Eastern Oak Park, Gibbons Park, Maddox Park, Mission North Park, Oak Meadow Park, Orville Wright Park, Shelfield Park, Swanston Park, Valley Oak Park and Windemere Park. Staff will work with you to see that the tree will be placed in a strategic location within the park that provides shade, shelter, and an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Site and location will also be determined by the tree species, giving the tree every opportunity to survive and become a healthy living part of our park system. No Plaque or Monument will accompany any tree. The tree will serve as the memorial gesture.

Who chooses my tree? 

Memorial Trees will be chosen by the person or family dedicating a tree. You will have the option of choosing from a list of recommended trees from the Sacramento Tree Foundation and SMUD (Shady Eighty) Program at  Each of the trees on this list have proven to do well in our region. Trees also must be readily available in the local nursery supply inventory. Trees will be offered by the Parks & Recreation Department at a cost of current market value.

For More information: 

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