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Sierra Oaks & Swanston Tennis & Fitness Circuits

May contain: tennis ball, sport, ball, tennis, and sports

Description: Fun and fast-paced circuit training to develop athleticism  and tennis technique. Participants traverse through circuits of age-appropriate exercises and challenge stations designed to level up their fitness and tennis skills. 

Instructor: Devin Knox

Sierra Oaks Circuit: REGISTER

LOCATION: 2762 Huntington Road, Sacramento, CA 95864


Thursday                                                                    Sunday:

Kinder: 4-6 years old, 12-12:30pm                         Champions: 15+ years old, 3;30pm-5pm

Learners: 6-9 years old, 2-2:45pm

Challengers: 10-14 years old, 3-4pm 

COST:                                                                               COST:     

February - $60/session                                           February - $60/session   

March - $75/session                                                 March - $60/session


Swanston Circuit: REGISTER

LOCATION: 2350 Northrop Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825


WEDNESDAY:                                                                 Sunday:

Kinder: 4-6 years old, 12:45-1;15pm                  Champions: 15+ years old, 10am-11:30am

Learners: 6-9 years old, 3:15-4pm

Challengers: 10-14 years old, 4:15-5:15pm

COST:                                                                                   COST:  

February - $60/session                                               February - $60/session

March - $75/session                                                    March - $60/session

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