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Public Records Policy

Adopted July 14, 2015

To provide public records policy in coordination with the Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6250 et seq.
Definition of “Public Record”

A public record includes written communications containing information relating to the conduct of the Districts business, prepared, owned, used, or retained by the District regardless of physical form or characteristics.

Responding to Requests for Public Records
Public Disclosure Form.pdfSummary of Public Records Policy.pdf

District records which must be disclosed under the Public Records Act are available for public inspection by members of the public at any time during normal business hours. Any request for public records to the District must be made in writing and submitted in person, by fax (916-488-4349), mail (3344 Mission Ave., Carmichael, 95608) or e-mail to the Administrative Services Manager at The Administrative Services Manager or his/her designee will respond to the request as required by CA Code 6253.

Persons interested in reviewing or obtaining copies of District records are encouraged to make an appointment in advance to discuss record availability. Appointments are not mandatory, but they will help the District facilitate production of the records requested.

Responding to Request for Copies of District Records

Individuals requesting copies of District documents that are not privileged or otherwise exempt under the Records Act will be charged at the rate of $.25 per page. An estimate of costs will be provided to the requestor prior to production of copies. Payment for copies must be received at the District Office before any materials are copied.

In those cases involving requests requiring outsourcing the duplication of documents, the District will require the requester to pay the copy service’s charges to the District prior to any materials being copied.

District Records Exempt from Disclosure under the Records Act

The Public Records Act provides that certain information must be withheld from public inspection in order to protect personal privacy, and to allow the District to negotiate effectively for real estate or to obtain confidential legal advice. Therefore, the Public Records Act specifies various categories of exempt records which the District is not obligated to make available to the public. The Public Records Act lists many such exemptions at Government Code Section 6276.

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