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Interactive Park Map and Service Areas

Mission Oaks developed and maintains 12 parks, totalling 90.55 acres.  Six school parks were originally developed and maintained by the park district; however, four of those (Billy Mitchell, Del Paso Manor, Greer and Starr King) were given back to the San Juan Unified School District.   The remaining two school parks (Cowan and Sierra Oaks), which amount to about 5.1 acres, continue to be maintained by Mission Oaks.  In addition, the District maintains the County-owned Hazelwood Greens, a stormwater detention facility of about 2 acres.  All totaled, the District provides a bit over 95.65 acres of parkland for the community’s enjoyment. While most of these parks serve as neighborhood parks, three of these facilities, Gibbons, Mission North, and Swanston are community parks with centers located at Gibbons and Swanston and our District Office at Mission North, 

The Parks listed below are numbered in the order they are found on our District Map.

May contain: vegetation, plant, rainforest, nature, outdoors, tree, and land



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