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Gallardo Wrestling Academy

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The Gallardo Wrestling Academy is Run by Head Coach Samuel Gallardo, who
has been the Head Coach of the Mira Loma high school wrestling for 6 years now. He wrestled at Sacramento City College for 2 seasons, he also transferred out to Wheeling University a D2 in West Virginia, in (2019- 2020) for the Covid season then came back to Sacramento. Coach Gallardo currently is on staff with the Sacramento City College wrestling team.


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The main objective with this club is to create leaders and be a place of
community where these young men and women can have a sense of direction and
positive influence. I want these kids to understand that they themselves are not too far
from those dreams of success, whether it be scholarships, championships or just
success that this community has not seen in a while through this sport. This club is also
designed to provide the needs for those who are brand new to the sport just trying to
learn and practice, for kiddos that just want to enjoy the sport and the creative freedom
it provides, or for hard working adults that want an outlet to let loose. Our goal is to bring
life back to the wrestling community in the schools around the area by creating high
level athletes as well as community with our neighbors.
The academy can guarantee one thing, your mind will be challenged and it will
be rewarding. Wrestling is like no other sport, your dedication and efforts have a direct
correlation to success. It teaches discipline, gratitude, and patience. Discipline, by
consistently pushing your mind and body through different challenges. Gratitude
teaches you to be grateful for what God has blessed you with, for all the sweat, pain,
and struggle on the mat and outside in the real world. Patience, learning can be very
time consuming and irritating at times, wrestling is very challenging. It might push you to
the edge many times but it will make you have to slow down, take your time and have

May contain: bullfighter and person

What to expect:
First things first be on time, one thing we like to enforce is showing up early. Not
only does it help us start up on time but it also engraves responsibility. Once the doors open we take 5-8 minutes to roll the mats out and mop them off. Once the mats are mopped now we can all as a team start putting on our shoes and get ready to warm up. We will warm up as a group, but separate into subsections for technique and drills. Warm ups will change from day to day, but everyone will have 5 mins of their free time to warm up on their own before we start.
First is drills, second technique, lastly we will finish off with some live wrestling and/or free time for whoever wants it. Everyone will be put in their corresponding group, but we
will all learn technique as a whole and break back into our groups. We tend to start off
with a game or two to get the blood pumping but we also save them for the end of the
practice. Once we wrap things up we will finish with announcements and start rolling the
mats up.
You are encouraged to go at your own pace, injuries tend to happen when you try to
push your body too fast too soon. Listen to your coaches and you will be just fine :)

Monday-Wednesday-Friday (General Class)

Monday & Wednesday (Kids Class)
A calendar will be provided online as well as access to our team GroupMe for
further announcements.

6:30pm - 8:30pm (show up early to help with mats)

Monthly Cost:
$50 a month
$10 Drop ins
$20 Mira Loma High school students

Mira Loma High School (4000 Edison Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821)


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