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Citizens Oversight Committee

The purpose of the Citizens Oversight Committee is to ensure that the Recreation & Park District meets the objectives of its voter-approved Assessment District.

The committee’s duties are to:

  1. Review the annual budget to ensure the Assessment District proceeds are expended for only purposes as set forth in the Assessment District ballot measure and to make recommendations to the Advisory Board on matters pertinent to acquisitions, improvements and maintenance services funded by the Assessment.
  2. Additionally, the Committee will present the Advisory Board with an annual written report stating whether the proposed annual Assessment District expenditures are in compliance with the Preliminary Budget/Engineer’s Report and final approved budget document for that fiscal year.
  3. The statement shall include a summary of the prior fiscal year Assessment District expenditures, highlighting completed projects. 

Interested in participating in our Citizens Oversight Committee?

All members of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee shall own property within the Park District. The Committee reviews potential projects that may be funded by the assessments and makes recommendations on the expenditure of the Improvement District funds. The Committee informs the public annually, via written report, about the expenditure of Improvement District funds. The report is created after touring the parks within the MORPD with staff to review potential park projects to be completed in the next fiscal year. The Committee members makes recommendations to the Advisory Board of Directors regarding improvements. Join us in serving your community, meeting new people and discovering the diversity of parks and recreation opportunities in your area. Please call the district office at 916-488-2810 to speak with Daniel, J.R. or Debra.


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