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Brown Act Compliance Policy

Updated July 2014

1330                   Advisory Board Meetings  

A. Rules for Proceedings of Advisory Board Meetings 
All proceedings of the Board meetings shall be conducted in accordance with MORPD resolution 91-04, "Establishing Rules for Proceedings of Board Meetings" ( refer to Appendix l /1 000C), and shall meet requirements of the Brown Act and other applicable governing codes. (See appendix 3/1000) 

B. Regular Meetings 
The Board shall determine the day and time of the regular meetings, which are normally held once each month.

C. Special Meetings 
Special meetings may be called by the chairperson, the vice-chairperson (if the chairperson in unavailable) or by a majority of the Board members. Only items appearing on the agenda may be acted upon at the meeting. 

D. Closed Sessions 
A closed session is a private meeting of the Board, usually held immediately before or after a regular meeting, to discuss certain personnel matters, and litigation or pending litigation, in accordance with sec. 54957 of the Government Code, and other matters prescribed by the Brown Act. 

E. Action 
The board shall act only by ordinance, resolution or motion. A majority vote of the members is required on each action taken. 

F. Conditional Resolutions 
Resolutions of the Board may be adopted conditionally and referred to county counsel for drafting into proper form. 

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