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Katherine Johnson Middle School GOAT Project

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Katherine Johnson Middle School GOAT Project

The G.O.A.T. Program is looking for hardworking, driven, and community-oriented students from Katherine Johnson that want to gain work experience, improve their community, and make a difference all while getting paid.  Participants who attend every day of the session will receive a $100 Gift card.

This G.O.A.T. session will be working with Mission Oaks Staff to build new benches at Swanston Park. Each participant will get a plank from the bench to use their creativity on and design it in a way that best represents themselves.   

All participants will receive a $100 Gift Card. You must attend all days of the session to receive the gift card. We encourage students to treat this program as a job and show up on time each day ready to work.

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Katherine Johnson Students Only



Swanston Community Center
2350 Northrop Ave., Sacramento



February 22 – 24

Wednesday – Friday

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

8 am – 12 pm


Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

 Contact Brandon Stoakley a call at (916) 570-2806 or at


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