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Fit-Stasis Functional Fitness

NEW!!! Fit-Stasis Functional Fitness 

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Instructor: Kirk Troy

Location: Swanston Community Center

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time: 10:45-11:30AM

        Twice per week- $90 per month
        Once per week- $55 per month 

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Functional Fitness Lab is a class designed primarily for seniors that focuses on core strength, balance, flexibility and movement.

The class explores one's strengths and weaknesses regarding basic functions and then progresses from there to include more challenging exercises to improve overall fitness levels that ultimately enhances an individual's abilities to move easier during mundane task such as grocery shopping or chores around the house as well as activities like gardening, hiking, or playing with grandchildren. 

Classes are 40 -45 minutes and will be held twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday) at 10:45. Come check this class out, meet the instructor and see how functional fitness can change your life. 

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