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Cultural Mambo Salsa on Two (previously Latin Dance)

Latin Dance for everyone! It’s easier than you think! Come and enjoy a celebration of Afro-Latin dance in its simplest form! These five Latin dances fuse indigenous daily rhythms and cultural references with a hint of European body framing. The styles hail from Africa, the Caribbean, and New York. You will learn warm-ups and dance moves from various Caribbean and Latin regions that shaped the five Latin dances. These dances celebrate the rich cultural heritage of each region and provide context to the rhythms embedded in the music that you hear today. The lessons are created for beginners and utilize the foundation of authentic Afro-Latin rhythms. No prior knowledge is required. Singles and Couples are welcome.

We will start with rhythm training, balance, dance breathwork, dance visualization,  basic steps 1-4, body positioning, partner etiquette, basic shine choreography, and beginning Latin fusion. Then move on to rhythm training, arm movements, advanced body movements, Salsa basic steps 5-9, couple dancing etiquette, intermediate shines, basic lead follow choreography, and intermediate Latin fusion.





Gibbons Community Center
4701 Gibbons Drive
Carmichael, CA 95608


$23 per month
$8 drop-in


Yvette is a native New Yorker and began Latin and Caribbean dance rhythm training at age four. She taught Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Cha Cha Cha beginning in 2016. She Created Salsa Sundays and Salsa 4 Good on Social Media Platforms to promote dance events in parts of California and Reno, Nevada. She used Latin dance to organize volunteer efforts and support local artists.


For registration questions, contact Jill Bailey at or (916) 972-0340

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