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COVID - 19


Updated June 12, 2020 at 11:55am

The County of Sacramento Public Health Department has issued a new order that takes effect at 11:59am on June 12.  The new order has changes that pertain to some recreation programs and facilities with Mission Oaks Recreation & Park District.   The below list reflects our current operating status.  Click this link for the detailed order from the County of Sacramento:


These cancellations and closures are in effect until until further notice, and subject to change: 

· All building rentals, picnic rentals, and athletic field rentals  

· All van trips  

· The Mission Oaks Community Center is closed, and classes and clubs held there are cancelled 

· The Senior Meals program  

· The Swanston Community Center is closed, and classes and clubs held there are cancelled 

· Pickleball and Tennis classes  

* The Splash Park at Swanston Park 


Day Camps:

* The new order allows the opening of day camps.  Five Mission Oaks summer camp sites are set to begin on Monday, June 22.  


Community Centers and District Office:

* The Swanston Community Center and the Mission Oaks Community Center will be made available for summer camps through August 7.

* The new order allows the opening of community centers for fitness classes while implementing the required health and safety protocols.  We are planning a safe opening strategy to begin introducing classes back to our community centers.

* Our District Office is open by appointment only on weekdays from 8:30am - 4:30pm.  To make an appointment, please contact Debra Tierney, Office Manager at (redacted) or (916) 359-1601.


These programs follow the schedule of the San Juan Unified School District, and will be closed until our area public schools are open:   

· Preschool 

· Afterschool Adventures

* Bridges 


 Park Operations: All MORPD parks remain open from dawn to dusk, but these facilities within the parks are now closed until further notice: 

· Playgrounds 

· Futsal Court 

· Basketball Courts

These park facilities are open:  

* Pickleball Courts at Eastern Oak Park

* Tennis Courts at Ashton Park, Gibbons Park, Shelfield Park, Sierra Oaks Park, and Swanston Park

* Restrooms 

* Dog Park at Eastern Oak Park

NOTES:  Tennis and Pickleball play is limited to singles matches only (2 players per court),  Doubles play is allowed if all players reside in the same household.  All players are expected to: 

     1.  Wash your hands before coming to the park.

     2.  Bring hand sanitizer, water, game equipment, and face mask (recommended).

     3.  Maintain at least 6 feet of physical distancing with people not from your household.

     4.  Minimize or refrain from touching hard surfaces such as gates and benches.

We emphatically remind park users to follow social-distancing guidelines (maintain at least 6 feet distance from others) and follow sanitary recommendations. 

Staff continues to process refunds and credits for our customers due to cancellations. For questions please contact:

· District Office: Debra Tierney, (redacted)

· Mission Oaks Community Center: Jill Bailey, (redacted)

· Swanston Community Center: Nicole Plumley, (redacted) 

We appreciate your understanding during this rapidly evolving situation. These decisions were given serious consideration and were made based on the Governor’s executive order which stated in part “All residents are to heed by orders and guidance of state and local public health officials, including but not limited to the imposition of social distancing measures, to confront the spread of COVID-19.” 

Daniel Barton, District Administrator 

Mission Oaks Recreation & Park District 

(redacted) (916) 359-1600