Rules and Regulations

Emergency Services Phone Numbers

911 - Crimes in progress, sheriff’s department, highway patrol, fire department, ambulance.

(916) 875-5000
- County operator for emergency maintenance conditions in parks after hours (i.e. broken sprinkler heads).

(916) 874-5115 - Sheriff’s department dispatch. Incidents in parks are responded to based on priority of demands on law enforcement officers.


Refunds/Credit Voucher

Credit vouchers shall be issued in lieu of a refund check, with exceptions noted below. A credit voucher may be redeemed toward the cost of any other district program within one year of the date it was originally issued.


Refunds:   A reimbursement of the fee will be granted when:  
  • An injury or health problem occurs prior to the beginning of the program, or during the first week of the program, which prevents or impairs the participation in the activity.  The refund request must be made before the end of the program
  • The district cancels a program, class, or activity; or
  • A completed Request For Reimbursement Of Activity Fee is requested in writing, and received in the district office in a minimum of seven business days before the program or activity begins.

Excursions Or Trips:

  • A full refund shall be granted should the space be resold.
  • A partial refund shall be granted if the space is not resold. The refunded amount will depend on the fees charged by the carrier/vendor for the unused space.


Misuse of District Facilities

Recreation and park facilities are provided to enhance the quality of life in the community and to enrich the leisure time of district residents. Unfortunately, sometimes persons behave in a manner that can be harmful to parks and park users and disruptive to nearby residents. The advisory board and staff, in an attempt to resolve problems relating to undesirable behavior in district facilities, have adopted a prevention-oriented program.

Sacramento County Park Ordinances


Gifts and Donations

Individuals, groups, organizations, or businesses donating cash or in-kind contributions to Mission Oaks will be appropriately recognized. Please call Barry Ross at (916) 488-7276 ext. 3010.